Office 365 Solutions that Leverage Microsoft Azure

June 06, 2017

During the Office 365 honeymoon period, you may not see the need for Office 365 solutions that enhance your cloud experience.

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HubStor Adds Microsoft Office 365 Audit Log Compliance Archiving and Search

May 25, 2017
HubStor Inc. today announced new WORM archiving and search capabilities for Microsoft Office 365’s unified audit log to help organizations meet their
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Get More from Your Cloud Storage Archive: Use Chargeback Tags to Track and Manage Project and Client Data

October 18, 2016

Earlier today, we announced the general availability of the new chargeback app in the HubStor cloud archive service. This post takes a look at the new chargeback features and how this

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HubStor's New Cloud Storage Chargeback Enables Clients to Track Project Costs and Charge for Customer Data Storage

October 18, 2016
HubStor extends its suite of cloud data management capabilities to support chargeback use cases, giving organizations more value from its data-aware cloud storage for business platform.

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4 Deadly Sins of Cloud Archiving

June 29, 2016
This post discusses what not to do when using the cloud for unstructured data archival storage.

The great sea change is here. IT teams are moving to cloud computing and storage for their

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Into Cloud Archiving

April 28, 2016

Archiving is a challenge well suited for cloud, and businesses today are rapidly adopting the cloud for its convenience.  But archiving and cloud services can have an element of lock-in, and your

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Service Update: Subscription Search

October 23, 2015

Making unstructured data keyword searchable can be a top headache in enterprise IT. Especially at scale. If you've ever tried indexing Terabytes of file share or email archive data then you know

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Is Cold Storage Archiving?

August 03, 2015

Speaking with storage administrators, I often hear cold storage and archiving used synonymously. But are these concepts distinct? I believe they are. Here’s how and why it matters:

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