What is Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage?

September 06, 2017

Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage (AABS) and Blob-level Tiering are now in public preview!

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HubStor's New Cloud Storage Chargeback Enables Clients to Track Project Costs and Charge for Customer Data Storage

October 18, 2016
HubStor extends its suite of cloud data management capabilities to support chargeback use cases, giving organizations more value from its data-aware cloud storage for business platform.

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TechTarget: Hubstor Microsoft public cloud archive goes cool, deep

September 24, 2016

Garry Kranz, Staff Writer, TechTarget covered HubStor's announcement of CoolSearch availability. Here’s an excerpt:

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7 Ways Amazon Glacier Fails at Cloud Archiving Compared to HubStor on Microsoft Azure

September 11, 2016

, the archive cloud storage available in Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a great backup tape replacement, but IT professionals often assume it is a true enterprise-grade cloud archive

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HubStor Introduces CoolSearch: The Searchable Cloud-based Cold-storage Archive Service

August 09, 2016

HubStor Inc., developer of the world’s first data-aware cloud archive solution, today announced HubStor CoolSearch, a fully-managed search solution that

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3 Types of Archives: What's Right For You?

December 03, 2015

There are generally 3 types of archives in enterprise IT:

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Is Cold Storage Archiving?

August 03, 2015

Speaking with storage administrators, I often hear cold storage and archiving used synonymously. But are these concepts distinct? I believe they are. Here’s how and why it matters:

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