Why Your Cloud Archive Strategy Needs Cloud Analytics

April 24, 2015

Cloud analytics can transform the value that IT provides the business.

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What Should You Do with Your Unstructured Data?

April 19, 2015
Your unstructured data might seem like a mystery to you, but managing it has never been easier thanks to the cloud. Here's what you should do with your data.

For IT professionals, dealing with the

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How Cloud Computing Tools Save Your Business Money

April 17, 2015

Cloud computing tools are essential in business because no matter what role you play within a company, the bottom line is always the same: Find ways to be more productive. And more efficient. And

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Why You Should Consider Cloud Backup

April 14, 2015

Backing up your information is essential, without backups your files can become inaccessible, corrupt for reasons beyond your control.

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Is a Microsoft Azure Backup the Best Option for Your Business?

April 02, 2015
In order to stay on top of the latest technology, Microsoft introduced its Azure backup system. But is it right for you? Read on to learn all about the service.

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5 Tips to Properly Manage File Server Migration

March 29, 2015

Switching from one file server to another can be tricky, but is imperative to the success of your business. Here's our guide to efficient file server migration.

There are plenty of reasons your

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Archival Data Can Ensure Safety for Your Business

March 21, 2015
When everything is stored digitally, losing your backup can be catastrophic. Read on to learn why and how you should store your archival data to ensure safety.

Losing data can be catastrophic.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud Storage

March 21, 2015
If you can't decide between private or public cloud storage services, look no further than hybrid cloud storage. Read on to learn how your business can use it.

What would happen if your computer

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Microsoft Azure Benefits You Should Know About

March 16, 2015

Microsoft Azure benefits its customers by offering advantages that competing storage options don't. Cloud computing with HubStor is the only way to effectively and safely handle archive storage

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The Importance of Proper Server Data Storage

March 16, 2015

Your server data storage is a prime target of attack. If there's anything that IT departments and the companies they are a part of should agree on regardless of industry, it's the fact that safe

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Why Cloud Storage Security Is Important

March 02, 2015

Cloud storage security is now hugely popular. A recent survey showed that 95% of IT professionals are using cloud storage.

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