HRSG Selects HubStor to Improve Data Governance, Compliance, and Data Protection with the Cloud

January 31, 2017

HubStor Inc., the market’s first data-aware hybrid cloud storage solution, today announced that Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG), a world leader in

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HubStor Adds New Hybrid Cloud Storage Features, Makes Cloud Adoption Easier for Enterprises

January 17, 2017
HubStor enhances public cloud storage with new hybrid cloud synchronization and recovery features.

HubStor Inc., the market’s only data-aware hybrid

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CIO Review names HubStor one of the '20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers, 2016'

December 15, 2016

We are pleased to be named one of the 20 Azure solution providers that is "most promising", according to CIO Review. Their December 2016 issue includes a full page feature on HubStor (page 32):

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Is the Market for Cloud Storage Gateways Collapsing?

December 06, 2016

After reading Gartner’s Market Guide for Cloud Storage Gateways, published on November 30, 2016, any confidence you had in the cloud storage gateway (CSG) market will be shaken.

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How Hybrid Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your Business [infographic]

November 28, 2016

We put together this infographic to tell the story of how hybrid cloud storage can benefit your business.

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HubStor Expands Hybrid Cloud Storage for Seamless Archiving and Offsite Data Protection with Microsoft Azure

November 16, 2016
HubStor adds transparent storage tiering to the cloud without needing to disturb users, reconfigure applications, or add new infrastructure.


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HubStor Becomes a Member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

October 20, 2016
HubStor joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance to strengthen its commitment to providing enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions.

HubStor Inc.,

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Get More from Your Cloud Storage Archive: Use Chargeback Tags to Track and Manage Project and Client Data

October 18, 2016

Earlier today, we announced the general availability of the new chargeback app in the HubStor cloud archive service. This post takes a look at the new chargeback features and how this

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HubStor's New Cloud Storage Chargeback Enables Clients to Track Project Costs and Charge for Customer Data Storage

October 18, 2016
HubStor extends its suite of cloud data management capabilities to support chargeback use cases, giving organizations more value from its data-aware cloud storage for business platform.

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TechTarget: Hubstor gives Microsoft Azure encryption a two-pronged focus

October 17, 2016

Garry Kranz, Staff Writer, TechTarget covers HubStor's announcement of new encryption features. Here’s an excerpt:

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Cloud Storage and Data Encryption - How Businesses Can Protect Information in the Cloud

October 17, 2016

As companies adopt cloud storage, encryption is often a hot topic because the cloud means business data rests outside of the organization, on servers that the cloud provider can access.

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Redmond Channel Partner Magazine Interviews HubStor CEO Geoff Bourgeois, Discusses Cloud, Partners, and the Unstructured Data Challenge

October 06, 2016

Barb Levisay of interviews HubStor CEO Geoff Bourgeois on the cloud, partners, and the unstructured data challenge. Here’s an excerpt:

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HubStor Leverages Cogent Communications for Cloud Connectivity Options

October 06, 2016

HubStor Inc., the developer of data-aware archiving and cloud storage solutions, today announced it would be leveraging the multinational fiber network

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HubStor Announces Partner Program for Managed Service Providers Focusing on Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions, Introduces Cloud SDK

October 04, 2016
HubStor enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to drive Azure consumption, further benefit from Microsoft partner incentives and increase revenues by enhancing HubStor with managed service
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HubStor Takes Cloud Storage Security to the Next Level, Supports Multiple Ways to Encrypt Data at Rest

September 29, 2016
HubStor provides options for encrypting data-at-rest with features in its data-aware cloud storage for isolating encrypted data with policies and searches.

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