Introducing a new HubStor User Portal experience

October 15, 2019 Dan Gagliardi HubStor, Product Announcement 0 Comments

Today, we’re eager to show you ’HubStor's new and improved User Portal! The updated user experience just went live, offering end users a better interface for accessing data in HubStor.

Now available to all customers, the updated HubStor User Portal is a core feature for some organizations, enabling workers to securely sign-in, browse, search, retrieve, and share content on a self-service basis.

The updated design provides a clean, modern experience for browsing content.


Users can navigate folders, select items, view metadata details, and perform actions such as download and share.

Search now offers a more intuitive experience where users can enter keywords or phrases and search across all of their content. Or they can restrict searches to specific content types. As they navigate into a folder, users have the option of restricting a search to the specific folder they are in currently.


Search results will still return with hit highlighting, but now there are two modes to review the search results.

The default expanded view of search results:


The new user portal design has a compact view, where items auto-expand to show a preview snippet with hit highlighting when you hover your cursor, as shown in the following screen.


You can choose from various filters to refine a search based on item name, type, data owner, size, last modified and more, which now present in a pop-up on the right.


Finally, as before, users can initiate sharing items and folders from content browsing. Users also have the ability to share from search results, as shown below.


This development of a new HubStor User Portal experience is the first of a series of updates you’ll see over the coming months as part of our efforts to update HubStor’s user interfaces across the platform.

Stay tuned! There's more to come.

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